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Commercial Waste Collection Barnsley

Imperial Recycling’s commercial waste collection service gives a safe, efficient alternative that’s completely compliant with present legislation.

As portion of our service bundle we supply all mandatory on site gear (including cages, enclosed containers) and transportation documentation.

Things Gathered for our waste collection

  • Refrigerators and deep freezers
  • Screens and televisions (LCD, plasma, CRT)
  • All office electric goods (facsimiles, phones, shredders)
  • Power tools
  • Mobile telephones
  • Kitchen appliances (microwave cookers, pots, toasters)
  • Light equipment

Sized Accessible:small waste cage, 16 yd lockable enclosed container
Groups: Weekly, fornightly, on demand
Required Notice:
2 – 3 working days

Reduce waste from electric and electronic gear.
Support the different collection of WEEE.
Support treatment, recovery, recycling, reuse and responsible administration of WEEE.
Make manufacturers of electronic equipment in charge of the environmental effect of their products.
Local waste management is a documented WEEE waste carrier.

We can gather all your waste electric or electronic equipment including refrigerators, TV’s, microwaves, computers etc. All waste is recycled by a specialist recycling business.

Waste Separation that isused for recycling.
As specialists in this region we are aware the sole means to ensure high recycling rates would be to separate waste in the stage of development. To be able to accomplish this we have developed the following services that were created to boost waste segregation on site:

Individual waste flow groups

The key waste flows we can divide and recycle are wood, metal, inert & aggregates, small or dangerous waste, cardboard & paper and plasterboard. Please click the links below to find out more on how we recycle these individual waste flows.

Small or Dangerous Waste
Cardboard & Paper

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